Ultimate Guide to Youth Lacrosse Groove

with Mark Millon

Step your game up and become a lacrosse champ.

The Ultimate Guide to Youth Lacrosse is a 2 disk set with over 2.5 hours of instruction covering the skills and fundamentals for all lacrosse positions. The instruction is led by National Hall of Fame player Mark Millon who has had over 20,000 kids attend his lacrosse summer camps and is a must have for players and parents alike. MLL star Nick Polanco covers defensive concepts while long time instructor George Breres covers Goalie play. One of the finest teaching tools in the sport.

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Mark Millon

Lacrosse Trainer

Mark Millon, regarded as one of the best players in the game, is equally respected in his ability to teach the techniques and skills that have made him so successful — 

When I graduated from school I had to make a decision to either follow my passion and teach lacrosse for a living as a coach, or go directly into the business world. It was a tough decision to make since I felt I knew a lot about the game, how it’s played and most of all, how to teach it. I also wanted very much to make a mark in the business world. After a lot of thought, I came up with a solution; I would go to work on the business side of the sport and for a few weeks in the summer, I would get on the field and teach kids some of the things that enabled me to improve as a player. I started Millon Lacrosse camps in 1994 and began sharing my passion and knowledge with young players. Today I currently offer 7 sessions of camp around the US and am proud to attend each session. I have developed an incredible curriculum and work hard to make the experience memorable.”

“This by far is the best dvd for any young person who wants to learn to play lacrosse. This is my sons second year play and this year he is in the U11 age group. I bought this to help him increase his knowledge and learn more and it is awesome. I had bought a couple of others last year but when I saw this one it was just what we needed. It is packed with training and lessons with two dvd’s. It is worth the money if you have player who loves the game and wants to do well.”

Yvonne Stith (North Carolina)Amazon Customer Review

“I originally got the DVD when I was a sophomore in high school as a supplement to my team practices and I loved it! Mark is a great coach and he provided some solid reminders for me to keep in mind as I continued to grow as a player. An awesome purchase!”

Sander ApletDivision 1 Freshman Midfielder At The University Of Denver

What you get:

ultimate-dvd-frontThe Ultimate Guide to Youth Lacrosse is designed for players, parents and coaches at the youth level. All the fundamental aspects of the game are covered at each position. This project was developed to help foster the continuing growth of lacrosse by providing a learning tool to supplement regular practices and games. Young players are encouraged to watch this DVD with their parents and on their own and study the details of the presentation. Studies prove what we already know to be true – video is a very powerful method of teaching and learning physical skills. Kids learn by watching and imitating and, while they need practice to hone these skills, it is a great advantage to be able to be able to assimilate information while quiet, relaxed and focused.

This is also a guide for parents and parent coaches. Lacrosse is growing rapidly and many are new to the game. Parents need to be able to understand the basics in order to encourage their kids and relate to them about the sport they are falling in love with. Kids love it when they can perform for their parents and have them really appreciate what they are working so hard at. Likewise, many parents are volunteering to coach who didn’t play the game themselves. These parents quite often make great coaches, they just need a little help with some of the finer points and a list of drills and plays to work on.

There is nothing better than being part of a quality organization with a powerful positive message. Every player, parent and coach can do their part to uphold this tradition by committing themselves to improving their individual skills and knowledge.

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