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The Luminous Landscape is a fourteen year-old company focused on photographic education and providing a comprehensive information resource for Photo Enthusiasts around the world. The site has a global reputation and enjoys a monthly readership of over 1 Million unique visitors. Visitors seek our reviews of products, tutorials on photographic topics, enjoy engaging essays by well know educators, and participate in our popular public discussion forums. This is a 1 year subscription for their entire video tutorial library.

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Michael Reichmann

Photography/Editing Instructor

Michael Reichmann has been both a professional photographer as well as avid amateur for more than 35 years.  Born in England, he was raised and educated in Quebec.  He began his photographic career in a commercial studio and then worked as a medical photographer at a major teaching hospital in Montreal.  A one-man gallery exhibition and TV special at age 20 lead to a position as staff photographer for The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in Toronto, a position that he held for nine years; from the mid-60’s through the early 70’s. Most recently, Michael became the founder, publisher and primary author of The Luminous Landscape and the Luminous Landscape Video Journal, producing and co-hosting with Jeff Schewe of best-selling training videos on Printing, Lightroom, and Photoshop.

“My favorite photography website by far is Michael Reichmann’s Luminous Landscape ( The articles, tutorials, essays, reviews, and forum are all outstanding.”


“Methods specific to Lightroom an ACR are covered and differences between the Mac and Windows platform are also covered. I thought I was a decent printer until I went through this series. I learned an incredible amount including many tips that just make the complex world of digital printing a little bit easier.”


What you get:

Annual Subscription Plan: with this plan you can watch or download or transfer any or all of our videos between devices at any time, anywhere. Unlike previously, where we would only publish new content after months of editing, we are now able to make our tutorial and travel videos available as soon as major segments are ready. Your player will instantly inform you of new content, as we will here on the site.

A subscription to Luminous Landscape Video allows the subscriber to view all of the Luminous Landscape branded videos: all tutorials, all Video Journals, all videos that we publish (except Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge). New individual videos will be added every few weeks, new tutorials and tutorial updates will be published once or twice a year and are included.

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