The Blues Masters Guitar Groove

from Alfred Music

Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel.

We help the world experience the joy of making music. Alfred Music shows firm commitment to this mission by employing the most talented staff and working with the most sought-after artists, authors, and composers in the industry. With content from masters such as B.B. King and Robben Ford, we develop products and services that make learning and playing music fun, exciting, and rewarding.

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Alfred Music is the world’s largest educational music publisher. Alfred Music produces educational, reference, pop, and performance materials for teachers, students, professionals, and hobbyists spanning every musical instrument, style, and difficulty level. Alfred Music’s home office is located in Los Angeles, with domestic offices in Miami, Nashville, and New York as well as offices around the world including Australia, Germany, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

“Nobody can do it like Robben Ford, from complex chord voicings to smooth fluid like solos. If you want to learn to play jazz chords and jazz scales in blues structured music, I highly recommend this DVD!”

Daniel Hughes (Fresno, CA)Amazon Customer Review

“What a goldmine! This is definitely not an Albert Lee teaches note for note video (but there are tabs after all). These are not intro country lessons either, but there is a storehouse of information for anyone interested in taking the time to tap it.”

T. McAndless (Boulder Creek, CA)Amazon Customer Review

What you get:

The Blues Master video tapes I, II, and III are now available on a single DVD. These three programs provide more than 3 1/2 hours of blues guitar technique by the master and a lot of great music with his entire band. This set makes a great gift! Special DVD features include a tuning segment, an interactive “Getting to Know Lucille” feature, additional video theory tips, a performance only option, and interactive motion menus.

Robben Ford has become one of the world’s most recognized blues musicians. His trademark, tasty guitar style, is reinforced with incredible depth in jazz and rhythm and blues. Back to the Blues is a special two-part series exploring the finer points of contemporary blues guitar playing.

Advanced Country Guitar features Albert Lee at his best, playing some of his all-time favorite tunes and analyzing his baffling technique in depth. Songs include “Fun Ranch Boogie,” “Tiger Rag” and “That’s All Right Mama.” Albert discusses his hybrid Travis-picking style, chord voicings, scalar ideas, creating long seamless lines based off chord shapes, double-stop concepts, as well as analyses of his classic songs. 

Alfred Music Blues Guitar Groove

$ 99

  • The Blues Master I
  • II
  • II
  • Blues Master Highlights
  • Robben Ford: Back To The Blues
  • Robben Forss Highlights
  • Advanced Country Guitar with Albert Lee
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