Stilettos and Self Defense Groove

with Jennifer Cassetta

Unleash your ferocity and be prepared every time.

No matter what you wear, your size and weight, or your physical strength, everyone can learn to use their body as a weapon, create maximum damage, and have time to escape.  Jennifer Cassetta will show you the ins and outs of defending yourself in a practical way so next time you find yourself on that dark street, you are fully prepared.
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Jennifer Cassetta

Self Defense Trainer

Jennifer Cassetta’s unique whole-body approach to health blends her extensive training in HapKiDo with her holistic approach to fitness and nutrition. As a NASM certified personal trainer and third-degree black belt in HapKiDo, she has created numerous personalized programs designed to help client’s achieve fitness goals while relieving the stress of city living.

“Jennifer, you are one kick ass awesome BAD ASS chick.”

Jenny McCarthyModel, TV Host

“Jenn Cassetta is as good as it gets. She is a true warrior and an outstanding student, teacher and martial artist with a heart of fire and gold.”

GrandMaster Lil’ John Davis9th Degree Black Belt, VSK Jujitsu

What you get:

Defensive Tactics

Attacks come as punches, grabs, and chokes and Defensive Tactics will teach techniques to defend against all three.

Approximate Running Time:

65 minutes

Stilettos and Self Defense

This is the ultimate self-defense DVD for women of all ages. Stilettos and Self Defense™ is taught in an easy-to-follow seminar format. Jennifer Cassetta teaches women the ABC’s of self-defense and the most effective blocks, strikes, knees, and kicks for the beginner.

Approximate Running Time:

65 minutes

Improvised Weapons

Improvised Weapons is the third DVD in the series and builds upon what you’ve learned in Defensive Tactics and Stilettos and Self Defense™. Jennifer shows you how to use ordinary items that you may have on you, like pens, keys and magazines, and how to use them as weapons.

Approximate Running Time:

40 minutes

Stilettos and Self Defense Groove

$ 45

  • Defense Tactics
  • Stilettos and Self Defense
  • Improvised Weapons
jmellickerStilettos and Self Defense Groove