Signing Time Complete Collection Groove

with Rachel Coleman

A language with which everyone can learn and grow.

Emmy-nominated host Rachel Coleman and a cast of real kids and animated characters will help your child fall in love with learning! And now as a complete digital collection that includes:

• 32 videos

• 8 MP3 music albums

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Rachel Coleman

ASL Educator

Rachel Coleman is a musician, educator and the creator of Signing Time! In 1996, Rachel and her husband Aaron discovered that their daughter Leah was deaf, and after learning American Sign Language to communicate with her, they saw how beneficial it could be for all children. In 2001, Rachel teamed up with her sister Emilie to create Signing Time! – a children’s video series that teaches basic ASL to children of all abilities. Signing Time was inspired by Leah and from the beginning, they have found that teaching her ‘hearing’ peers even a few basic signs builds bonds of friendship and community that every child needs. Coleman also produces and directs the series. She is founder and CEO of Two Little Hands Productions.

“My son is now 2 but was getting so frustrated trying to tell us what he wanted and would act out a lot. Now with Signing Time! he is always happy because he can sign what he wants and even more! My sister-in-law told me about these videos and I was wondering why she wanted him to learn sign language since he can hear just fine, but once I saw the improvement in his communication I now tell everyone about these WONDERFUL DVDS! Thank you so much for creating these DVDS!”

April S. (Polk, NE)From

“I teach a special needs classroom. I have downs syndrome children, autistic children, developmentally delayed children and I even have a deaf/autistic child. We incorporate Signing Time into our daily routine. I have personally bought every video made and absolutely love them. My students absolutely love the videos and do not even realize that they are learning while they watch. Thank you so much for these wonderful videos. I would love to maybe see a series III.”

Lisa H. (Louisville, KY)From

What you get:


• Vol. 1 DVD: My First Signs

• Vol. 1 DVD: My First Signs – Spanish Edition

• Vol. 2 DVD: Playtime Signs

• Vol. 2 DVD: Playtime Signs – Spanish Edition

• Vol. 3 DVD: Everyday Signs

• Vol. 3 DVD: Everyday Signs – Spanish Edition

• Vol. 4 DVD: Family, Feelings & Fun

• Vol. 5 DVD: ABC Signs

• Vol. 6 DVD: My Favorite Things

• Vol. 7 DVD: Leah’s Farm

• Vol. 8 DVD: The Great Outdoors

• Vol. 9 DVD: The Zoo Train

• Vol. 10 DVD: My Day

• Vol. 11 DVD: My Neighborhood

• Vol. 12 DVD: Time to Eat

• Vol. 13 DVD: Welcome to School


• Vol. 1 DVD: Nice to Meet You

• Vol. 2 DVD: Happy Birthday To You

• Vol. 3 DVD: Move and Groove

• Vol. 4 DVD: My Favorite Season

• Vol. 5 DVD: Going Outside

• Vol. 6 DVD: Days of the Week

• Vol. 7 DVD: My Favorite Sport

• Vol. 8 DVD: My House

• Vol. 9 DVD: My Things

• Vol. 10 DVD: Helping Out Around the House

• Vol. 11 DVD: Once Upon a Time

• Vol. 12 DVD: Box of Crayons

• Vol. 13 DVD: Who Has the Frog?


• Practice Time ABCs

• Practice Time 123s

• Sing and Sign

• Story Time


• Series One Songs Vol 1-3

• Series One Songs Vol 4-6

• Series One Songs Vol 7-9

• Series One Songs Vol 10-12

• Series One Songs Vol 13

• Series Two Songs Vol 1-7

• Series Two Songs Vol 8-13

• Sing & Sign Songs

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