The Pilates Method Master Trainer Groove

with Jennifer Kries

Get fit, get flexible and become a master.

World renowned Pilates Master Teacher, Jennifer Kries and the first to introduce Pilates to the masses through her award-winning video series, The Method, brings you The Pilates Method Master Trainer Series.
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Jennifer Kries

Pilates Trainer

Jennifer Kries is an unparalleled innovator in the realm of health and fitness, dance, and choreography. She is an author, Pilates master teacher, yoga instructor and lifestyle expert. She is regularly a guest lecturer and instructor at renowned educational health institutions and spa facilities worldwide. Jennifer is a true Pilates pioneer and was the first to bring Pilates to the masses with her award-winning videos and DVDs, The Method Series and Fox/Fit TV’s, The Method Show that revolutionized the fitness community and started the explosive wave of enthusiasm for Pilates mind-body exercise.

“Jennifer Kries is truly a master Pilates instructor. Anyone watching this series of Pilates teacher training DVDs will come away with an expanded understanding of the instruction and performance of classical Pilates exercises for mat and equipment.”


“The scope and detail of these DVDs are phenomenal! Jennifer Kries does an excellent job of explaining in precise detail the purpose and focus of each exercise, how to execute the exercise, how to cue it, and how to spot. A fantastic accompaniment to Pilates teacher training or for Pilates practitioners who want to deepen their practice. These DVDs are a must-have for your Pilates library!”

Mary Johlfs (Falls Church, VA)Amazon Customer Review

What you get:

jennifermatThis exceptional Pilates Mat DVD features over 3 hours of detailed educational content for the Pilates devotee, teacher-in training, or Pilates professional. Learn how to teach as you refine your own understanding of the original workout that Joseph Pilates created in this superlative Pilates Mat DVD.

jenniferbarrelPilates Barrel workout DVD consists of Side-Sit-Ups, Ballet Stretches, Swan, Short Box, Little Barrel Arm Series, Little Barrel Leg Series—just a few exercises that are part of the complete Ladder Barrel and Little Barrel repertoire that you’ll see taught and demonstrated in exquisite detail.

jenniferreformerFootwork, Hundred, Short Spine, Long Box Series, Spine Twist, Semi-Circle, Splits, just to name a few… Perhaps the most renowned of all Pilates equipment, the Reformer and its sophisticated system of springs, straps and pulleys feature more than 100 exercises that can be performed on this surprisingly versatile apparatus.

jennifercadillacThe Pilates Cadillac DVD consists of Leg springs, Push through, Mermaid, Tower, Monkey, Rolling Back, Chest Expansion. With the Pilates Cadillac DVD you will gain unmatched core strength, flexibility, balance and improved posture with over 100 exercises including variations and explanations, performed standing, seated, kneeling, supine and prone.

jennifer chairPort de Bras, Pull-Up, Swan, Going Up Front, Mountain Climber, Tendon Stretch, Mermaid—just a few exercises that are part of the complete Chair repertoire that you’ll see taught and demonstrated in exquisite detail. Warm-up, breathing techniques, insights on sequencing, rhythmic flow, transitions and more!

The Pilates Method Master Trainer Groove

$ 99

  • Mat
  • Barrel
  • Reformer
  • Cadillac
  • Chair
jmellickerThe Pilates Method Master Trainer Groove