Final Cut Pro X Color Correction Groove

with Denver Riddle


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What is Color Correction or Color Grading? It’s the last step in the post process, the sexy part of filmmaking, the stuff of legend for those who have pioneered the path of Colorist. Please join me as I share with you how to utilize the tools in Final Cut Pro X to color correct like the pros and bring new dimension and scope to your filmmaking.
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Denver Riddle

Color Grading Specialist

Hi, my name is Denver Riddle and NO I’m not from or conceived in Denver, Colorado (I’ll tell you the story if you really want to know). So with that out of the way, I’m a right brain person, I love creativity, I also love challenging myself with analytical problems. I guess that’s why color grading resonates with me because it’s the perfect blend of art and machinery; striking a balance between the creative and the technical. I admit I’m not the most artistic Rembrandt and I’m also not the most technical Wernher von Braun, but I am a working colorist and so I hope that you gain some value by the things I share at Color Grading Central. May I wish you all the best on a satisfying journey of light and color, and no I’m not talking about the acid type ;) But a discovery of how everything beautiful we see is a result of light.

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