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with Scott Cole

Slow down and discover your connection with your body.

Scott Cole is a former National Aerobic Champion, star of Abs of Steel, creator of the top-selling Discover Tai Chi DVD series, and a true pioneer of mind/body fitness programming. A lecturer in over 30 countries, Scott has been featured on The View (for Get Fit America for Kids), LIVE with Regis and Kelly, CNN Headline News, The Doctors, E!, HGTV, The Food Network, and in over 500 publications worldwide.
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Scott Cole

Tai Chi Instructor

Scott Cole continues to lift spirits, open minds, tone bodies, and inspire hearts through motivational appearances in over 30 countries. Earning the title of National Aerobic Champion, starring in the top-selling ABS OF STEEL video series, and creating conscious DVD programs like MILLENNIUM STRETCH, DISCOVER TAI CHI, and GET FIT AMERICA FOR KIDS (Winner of NAPPA Best Fitness DVD), Scott considers no audience off limits, and has dedicated his life to increasing “wellness literacy” on all fronts.

“Tai Chi was, and is, such a breath of fresh air! Once I began to understand and feel my body experience slower movement, I realized how fast I had been going for so many years. What had begun as a simple curiosity now became a very clear mission for me.”

“I was in a serious snowmobile accident many years ago and it’s been difficult for me to find a great activity that I can easily do. Yoga just didn’t work for me, but Scott’s Tai Chi DVD’s do work. Every day I do either the AM or the PM workout. I credit him with my success in getting off blood pressure meds and feeling better than I have in years. This is such a stress-reducing form of movement that it’s truly amazing to me that we don’t have groups doing “pick-up Tai Chi” in our parks the way they do in Hawaii or places in Asia. I guess the value of this isn’t widely understood yet. I’d also like to thank him for his thoughtful presentation.”

Nancy D.from

“I love your Discover Tai Chi DVD’s. I have Discover Tai Chi Workout Essentials for Beginners, Weight Loss, and AM/PM Workouts.

They’re great! I love doing them as often as possible, but ,i have a question about the style. There are so many different styles of tai chi, I was wondering what style of tai chi it is that you teach? I’ve studied a few different styles myself including yang and sun.”

Mark Sfrom

What you get:

Discover Tai Chi AM/PM Workouts:

From waking up to winding down, Discover Tai Chi AM/PM with Scott Cole has two complete easy-to-follow workouts designed to improve balance, strength, flexibility, and energy flow, while letting go of stress and anxiety. AM (Morning) Workout – Greet the new day as you experience strength in slow motion with an empowering blend of gentle flowing Chi Kung exercises and graceful grounded Tai Chi postures. The workout concludes with light stretching and a relaxing focused meditation to help you ease into your day with centered balance and enthusiasm. PM (Evening) Workout – Clear out tension and stress as you open up your Chi to let go of the day–lengthening the spine, alleviating pent-up anxiety with a blend of Tai Chi postures, Chi Kung, movement therapy, light stretching, and a quiet guided imagery session with Scott that will help you breathe better, sleep better, and balance body, mind, and spirit.

Discover Tai Chi For Balance and Mobility – Exercise for Seniors & Older Adults:

Discover improved balance, strength, flexibility, and mobility AT ANY AGE with gentle therapeutic Tai Chi-inspired exercise from America’s premier Tai Chi and fitness expert, Scott Cole. Guiding you through a delectable continuum of breath, movement, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Stretching, and Chair Exercise, Discover Tai Chi for Balance and Mobility delivers easy-to-follow effective exercises to help prevent falling, while improving overall balance, strength, flexibility, and mobility. Great for beginners, older adults, and physically challenged, this workout is both fun and effective.

Discover Tai Chi for Back Care Gentle Workout:

Discover Tai Chi DVD – for Back Care – ALL NEW! … Move gently out of your rut with Scott Cole and the graceful healing art of Tai Chi as you breathe new life and Chi (energy) into your back and entire body, while improving overall strength, mobility, and flexibility. With frequent practice this easy-to-follow program will help relieve back pain, release frozen joints, and restore energy to its natural free-flowing state.

Discover Tai Chi For Beginners:

Snake Creeps Down … Playing the Pi Pa … Wave Hands Like Clouds … explore the mysteries of the ancient martial art of Tai Chi movement. Inspired by the Yang Long Form, this video incorporates select Tai Chi postures, Chi Kung, and Taoist philosophy. Balance, strength, flexibility, and stress reduction are all part of the Discover Tai Chi Workout Essentials for Beginners experience. This DVD is great for beginners of all ages including mature adults.

Discover Tai Chi for Fitness:

Discover Tai Chi for Fitness offers beautiful breath-filled Chi Kung, powerful Yang-style Tai Chi postures, innovative stretching sequences, effective chair exercises, life-enhancing philosophy, and the opportunity for YOU to join thousands of healthy people as part of the Discover Tai Chi family! Great for all exercisers.

Discover Tai Chi for Weight Loss:

Discover Tai Chi for Weight Loss will help you create the mind/body connection that provides internal awareness and understanding. This workout includes strength, flexibility, and fat burning cardio training. Filmed in a studio and on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, Discover Tai Chi for Weight Loss features both slow and fast Yang style Tai Chi postures and healing Chi Kung exercises. BONUS: Includes Scott’s “Path of Least Resistance” Meal Plan.

Millennium Stretch:

Join Scott Cole on a multi-dimensional journey of proven relaxation techniques in a comprehensive 2-hour array of workout options that can be customized to fit your own schedule and fitness needs. From standing and seated stretching options to partnered or individual workouts, Millennium Stretch Classic Gold Edition has something for everyone and is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. The Original Millennium Stretch Workout Feel the stress melt away as you explore transformational movement therapy, qigong, tai chi, yoga, stretching and guided imagery. This delectable blend of healing arts is designed to improve flexibility and release blocked energy. Millennium Stretch for 2: Partnered Relaxation Pair up for increased strength, flexibility, body awareness and trust. Couples, friends, family members, trainers and clients any two people can enjoy this powerful program. Beyond the 8 Poses of Empowerment Explore the mysteries of Scott s world-renowned 8 Poses what they are, where they come from and how they can work for you.

Discover Tai Chi Groove

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  • Discover Tai Chi AM/PM Workouts
  • Discover Tai Chi For Balance and Mobility - Exercise for Seniors & Older Adults
  • Discover Tai Chi for Back Care Gentle Workout
  • Discover Tai Chi For Beginners
  • Discover Tai Chi for Fitness
  • Discover Tai Chi for Weight Loss
  • Millennium Stretch
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