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with Emmanuel Pahud

The best place to learn from a pro.

Renowned and celebrated flute player Emmanuel Pahud goes into depth about how he approaches different topics about flute playing such as vibrato, embouchure, flute position, double tonguing and far more. This will hopefully influence you further to exercise and make music as well as develop yourself as an artist. Emmanuel Pahud is considered one of the most popular musical artists of his generation and besides from being primary flute in the Berlin Philharmonic he takes pleasure in a profession as a soloist and chamber artist.
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Emmanuel Pahud

Master Flautist

Pahud was born into a nonmusical family. As a young boy living in Italy, Pahud was captivated by the sounds of the flute. From the age of four to the age of 22, he was tutored and mentored by flutists such as François Binet, Carlos Bruneel and Aurèle Nicolet. Classically trained at the Conservatoire de Paris, he leapt into the international orchestral and solo music scene when he joined the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in 1992. His versatility in music styles over the years has “signalled the arrival of a new master flautist” (The Guardian). He plays in diverse music genres, whether baroque, jazz, contemporary, classical, orchestral, or chamber music.

What you get:

Flute Fundamentals

Masterclass 1- Nielsen Concerto.

Masterclass 2- Taffanel: Mignon Fantasy.

Masterclass 3- Schubert: Trockne Blumen

Masterclass 4- Messiaen: Le Merle Noir

Masterclass 5- Berio Sequenza

Masterclass 6- Reinecke Concerto

Masterclass 7- Sancan Sonatine

Bach Suite no 2- 3 mvts

Interview- FREE

Lean back and let the worlds greatest flute player inspire you- give you insights, tips, ways to improve your practice and much more with over 9 hours of content.

Pahud's Flute Fundamentals Groove

$ 145

  • Flute Fundamentals
  • 7 Masterclasses
  • Bach Suite
  • Mozart Duets
  • Interview
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