C-A-G-E-D Guitar System Groove

with Ernie Hawkins

A guitar system so easy, anyone can learn.

Here’s the complete C-A-G-E-D System course in one package! Ernie Hawkins’ clear, step-by-step approach will teach you how to get around on the entire fretboard. This is one of Homespun’s most popular set of lessons ever!

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Ernie Hawkins

Guitar Teacher

For many years Ernie Hawkins has been playing concerts, clubs, blues and folk festivals, workshops, colleges, museums, parties, fist fights and millennium celebrations in the United States, Canada, Japan and Europe and at every stop in the road from A Prairie Home Companion to Antone’s to the Madrid Jazz Festival. He has played with blues greats such as Son House, Mance Lipscomb, Fred McDowell, Jim Brewer, Rev. Gary Davis and many others.

“I was introduced to ‘caged’ last year, but couldn’t get the hang of it. Recently I received your DVD’s as a gift and BANG — ‘the lights went on!’ Your explanations and teaching style have really put it across for me. It’s made the guitar accessible to me in ways I never imagined. These DVD lessons on the ‘C-A-G-E-D Guitar System’ are simply fantastic!”

Kurt VolkFrom erniehawkins.com

“Ernie Hawkins is a great teacher. He is passionate and knows how to communicate to his students. The material presented here is vital for the knowledge of the guitar, and Ernie pleads with the student to follow instructions, stay with it, and methodically learn what it presented. As to Homespun, you get the great camera angles and excellence in production.”

Peter Hyatt (Orrington, ME)Amazon Customer Review

What you get:

If you think of the guitar fingerboard as unknown and remote territory, full of mystery and confusion, we have the road map and compass you need. The C-A-G-E-D System provides you with a complete understanding of the entire neck of the guitar so you can find your way around without ever getting lost again! Ernie patiently and thoroughly provides hours worth of drills, exercises, practice tips and the basic theory necessary to help you understand the principles behind this important system. His amazing lesson teaches the fundamentals of how the guitar works in a clear, step-by-step way that will open your eyes, give you security and confidence, and forever change your guitar playing life.

C-A-G-E-D Guitar System Groove

$ 59

  • Vol. I
  • Vol. II
  • Vol. III
jmellickerC-A-G-E-D Guitar System Groove