Give the most wonderful gift of all: knowledge.

Most gifts will be forgotten in weeks. But the gift of knowledge lasts a lifetime.

Will the gifts you buy help your family and friends improve their guitar or photography skills? Will your gifts help the women you care about learn essential self-defense techniques in case they find themselves in a bad situation? Will your gifts help new parents give their baby or young child a great head start in communication? Will it help family and friends get in tip top physical shape, feel better and live longer?

Why not give a gift that will enrich the lives of those you care about and not just add to their material possessions?

Shop for gifts from and help others improve– artistically, professionally, mentally or physically. And digital gifts are easy to buy, and extremely eco-friendly.

Benefits of giving digital gifts

  • Super-easy to shop and buy gifts in just minutes- no lines, no trampling!
  • course gifts are “wrapped” in beautiful email “packaging”
  • Gifts are automatically delivered either on the date you specify, or immediately. Or, you can print and wrap and deliver in person
  • Of course they’ll love it! (But if they don’t, they can exchange for a gift card and apply it to any other product.)
  • Environment-friendly! No digital product will ever end up in a landfill and junk up this beautiful planet we live on.

A few suggestions for someone you care about:

Health Tai Chi & Chi Kung with Master Wong

Master Wong’s Health Tai Chi & Chi Kung is an effective method of improving and maintaining your physical and mental capabilities. By increasing your awareness of the internal aspects of your body and teaching you exercises which work on enhancing its natural healing capabilities.

Aside from the internal health benefits Tai Chi is a great alternative to high impact exercise, that once learned can be practiced throughout life. These exercises will benefit anybody regardless of your fitness level, even if you suffer from a restricted range of movement.

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Energy Flow Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress, sculpt and strengthen the body, enhance flexibility and cultivate peace of mind. This classically designed, flowing practice is an excellent introduction for the beginner, or anyone looking for an easy-to-follow and effective yoga program.

Explore the foundational principles essential to yoga and learn how to get the most out of your practice. You’ll become more open, flexible and energized. You’ll totally transform your body and feel powerful and calm at the same time.

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It’s Baby Signing Time

Baby’s first step into signing! The Baby Signing Time Series combines clever songs, animation, and real signing babies – all age two and under – to make signing easy and fun. Created specifically for babies as young as 3 months old up to 3 years, yet fun for the whole family!

Baby Signing Time Volume 1 sets your baby’s day to music as you learn signs for everyday events in baby’s life: eating, family, pets, and more. Features host Rachel Coleman, along with animated Baby Alex, Baby Leah, and Baby Hopkins.

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Love to Paint with Mimi:  Full Series

Join Mimi Sammis in her “Love to Paint with Mimi” series and you will discover a new world of creativity. Mimi takes you through the tools you will need, discusses various artists’ techniques, shows you some tricks of the trade and inspires you to paint like no one is watching! Come see how she does it.

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Stilettos and Self Defense with Jennifer Cassetta

1 in 5 women will be the victim of assault in their lifetime. Give the gift of preparedness.

This is the ultimate self-defense video for women of all ages. Stilettos and Self Defense™ is taught in an easy-to-follow seminar format. Jennifer Cassetta teaches women the ABC’s of self-defense and the most effective blocks, strikes, knees, and kicks for the beginner. No matter what you wear, your size and weight, or your physical strength, every woman can learn to use their body as a weapon, create maximum damage, and have time to escape.

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Every Picture Tells A Story

Experience a private photography workshop through the breathtaking scenery of northern Arizona with renowned landscape photographer and workshop leader Steve Kossack.

Watch and learn as Steve photographs the iconic beauty of Horseshoe Bend, Lower Antelope Canyon, and The Wave. In this journey, Steve will inspire and enlighten viewers on the techniques he has perfected, allowing him to create the stunning landscape imagery he has become so well known for capturing.

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You Can Play Guitar

Happy Traum is the world’s best and most beloved guitar teacher, making it easy and fun with his unique step-by-step method, honed by forty years of teaching experience. He provides you with the skills you need to play and sing hundreds of songs in a wide variety of styles.

By the time you’ve reached the end of this course you’ll have acquired a solid musical foundation on the guitar, and the skills to go on to any style you like: classical, blues, folk, jazz or rock.

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Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course Complete

Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course is a fun method for learning to play songs on the guitar right away! The complete edition combines Levels 1 and 2 in digital download format, making learning even easier with a live instructor. Level 1 starts by teaching you how to hold the guitar and tune the strings, and by the time you finish, you’ll be strumming chords, reading music notation, and playing lots of familiar songs!

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